Donkey Student – A Donkey, who was a student in the College??

Donkey Student

Do You Know about the Donkey Student ? Yes, There was once a donkey who was given the opportunity to “learn” in math’s class.

Almonias Dramaticus, was a mathematician who lived 1,500 years ago in Greece. He raised a donkey. That donkey was this lucky one to attend a college! Almonias always went on his donkey to teach at the University of Alexandria.

When his master enters the classroom, the donkey will accompany him. With great discipline, the “donkey-student” will go and sit among the other students without making any noise. He would have listened attentively to what the Master was teaching.

Only in that class, the teacher would not have called any students as stupid donkey… Isn’t it? hahahaha

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Some Interesting facts about Donkey

The smallest donkey is just 2ft while the largest donkey is 5ft 8 inces.

Donkeys can hear the call sound of another donkey that is 60 miles away!

Equus asinus is the scientific name of donkeys.

During the Roman invasion of the Britain in AD43, donkeys came to England.

Another Interesting Story About Donkey!

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