Health Benefits of Tomato | Tomato Home Remedies, Medicinal Uses & Unknown Facts that you never knew!

Health Benefits of Tomato

Even though tomato is a berry, we call it a vegetable. Let’s learn some good health benefits of  tomato…

The scientific name of tomato is Solanum Lycopersicon. Tomatoes are very beneficial for our body’s skin care and heart health. Also, it can help in weight loss.

There is no difference in the nutrients of tomatoes whether they are cooked or eaten raw. Its special feature is that no matter how we take it, we will get the nutrients of tomato without diminishing.

Health Benefits of Tomato

A nutrient Lycopene found in tomatoes can prevent cancer. Iron, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin B1, B2, B6, and vitamin C are abundant in tomatoes.

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The lycopene in tomatoes is an excellent anti-cancer agent. Potassium, fiber and vitamin C are good nutrients for the heart and prevent heart diseases.

Calcium and vitamin K in tomatoes are very useful for bone growth. Nutrients such as lycopene, lutein and beta-carotene prevent eye-related diseases.

Collagen is an important nutrient for our skin, nails, hair and connective tissue. This collagen is abundant in tomatoes. Also, the folic acid found in it greatly helps in the development of the nervous system of the baby in the fetus during pregnancy.

Niacin (Vitamin B3) in tomatoes helps to prevent fat from accumulating in the blood vessels and arteries.

Usually, we use tomatoes widely only in side dishes and curries like sambar and rasam. Instead, tomatoes can be added to soups and also we can eat it raw often.

There are many varieties of tomatoes, among which the country tomato is the best for us. Avoid genetically modified tomato varieties as much as possible. Likewise, it is better to avoid ready-made tomato sauce, tomato jam etc. as lot of chemicals are mixed in it for taste and to prevent it from spoiling.


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