History of Biscuits and All about Biscuits

History of Biscuits and all about biscuits in india facts

Is there anyone who doesn’t like biscuits?

Biscuits are a special favourite of babies who are just a few months old to old people. Some people don’t like certain types of biscuits but there are very few people who don’t ever like biscuits. Even doctors who say don’t eat chocolate, advises to eat biscuits in moderation. Thus, Biscuit has received the admiration of all parties. But, how did Biscuit come into the world? Who discovered the Biscuit recipe? Come let’s try to find the history of biscuits!

History of Biscuits

Even though the history of biscuits dates back to 7th Century BC in Persia, the modern biscuit took form only in the 14th Century in France. In Netherlands, during the 17th Century, it was called koekje or “little cake”.

Biscuit means twice baked in French (root: Latin words bis cotus). Europeans created biscuit just as another form of bread. During those days they used to carry tons of biscuits when they sailed. This is because biscuits do not spoil for a long time.

Americans first called biscuits as ‘instant bread’. At that time, the only biscuit recipe that was available was, if bread is prepared with baking soda, it is simply a biscuit.

During the First World War, to keep soldiers healthy and in order to keep the biscuits from spoiling for a long time, and also giving importance to taste, they created a new type of biscuit. And that is called as Anzac type biscuits…

In 1877, John Baumann was the first to make biscuits by machine. The biscuits he made were as big as a teacup saucer.

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Are Biscuits nutritious food?

Biscuit is a nutritious food, but you should avoid eating it too often. If you eat biscuits often, the sugar content in them will stick to our body and as many people drink tea with biscuits, the sugar in the tea also combines with it. That is why the teeth of those who eat a lot of biscuits are stained.

Biscuits in Present Day

Today, a variety of biscuits have hit the market, even sugar-free biscuits for diabetic patients. Now a days, biscuits are even baked at home, and in the market, they come in infinite varieties, colours, flavours, sizes and shapes. Even biscuits are made using 3D printer!!

Whatever biscuit you prefer to eat single or with tea, either it be marie or bourbon or milky, if we taste biscuit in moderation, our life will taste like a biscuit.

History of biscuits in India

During the British era, biscuits were introduced in Bengal.

Anyhow, traditional handmade biscuits were available from the 16th century on the arrival of the Mughals. But the factory machine made biscuit industry is very new, only a century ago, from the arrival of companies like Britannia and Parle, even though it is hard to say the exact time period!

Facts About Biscuits:

  • The people in Britain eat more biscuits than any other countries.
  • Bourbons were named after a French royal house.
  • Marie biscuits were named after a Russian duchess.
  • In 1588, during the Spanish Armada, biscuits were used.
  • About 90% of Indian buy biscuits and eat.

Questions & Answers

Who introduced biscuits in India?

During the British era, biscuits were introduced in Bengal.
Mohanlal Dayal Chauhan started Parle products in 1929 at Vile-Parle, in Mumbai. Only in 1939, Parle – G biscuit was introduced during the British rule in India, aiming to sell biscuits at low price to Indians.

Which is the largest selling biscuit brand in India?

Parle – G biscuit was the first Indian FMCG brand to cross Rs.5000 crore mark (retail sales) in the year 2013. Until 1980’s, they were called as “Parle Gluco” and later changed the name to Parle – G.
As per the Nielsen survey in 2011, Parle – G is the best-selling brand of biscuits in the world.

How many biscuit companies are there in India?

There are many biscuit companies that are functioning in India. We will name a few here.

  1. Parle [ Parle – G, KrackJack, Hide & Seek, Parle-G Gold ]
  2. Britannia [ Good day, Marie Gold, 50 – 50, Treat, Bourbon and Tiger ]
  3. ITC Sunfeast [ Glucose, Marie Light, Cream Biscuits ]
  4. Priya Gold [ Mutter bite and Marie lite ]
  5. Anmol
  6. Cremica
  7. Oreo
  8. Patanjali
  9. Bisk Farm
  10. McVitie’s
  11. Dukes
  12. Horlicks

Who is market leader in biscuits in India?

Parle – G biscuits are the largest selling biscuits in India and hence the market leader in biscuits in India.

How many types of biscuits are there?

There are more than 20 types of biscuits and we will give a short note on famous five.

  1. Parle – G

This is the largest selling Glucose biscuits in India. This brand was introduced in 1939 and still giving the best.

  1. Britannia Marie Gold

This is one of the popular Marie biscuit which is very tasty as a tea time snack. Britannia Industries was established in 1892 in Kolkatta and they have their headquarters in Bengaluru.

  1. McVitie’s Digestive Biscuits

In 2010, this British Brand entered India. They use whole wheat flour instead of refined flour in manufacture this biscuit.

  1. Horlicks Biscuits

In 1992, Horlicks introduced their brand biscuit. This biscuit is very tasty and also nuticious.

  1. Cadbury Oreo

Oreo biscuits are cream filled biscuits which were first introduced in 1912. They come in variety of flavours and the taste is really extraordinary.

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