Timothy Dexter – Not a Silly man? A game of luck of the Luckiest Millionaire, but an Eccentric Man

Timothy Dexter

Have you heard of Timothy Dexter, the American businessman…? Born in America, he was often successful in businesses. Dexter had a passion for the coal industry.

Within a short period of time, he became a giant in the coal export business. With this, an army of jealous people turned against Dexter. Somehow, they managed to knock him down. They found a way to break Dexter.

They advise him to ship coal to Newcastle, England, where there is no shortage of coal. It was good idea for his adversaries. It was certain that all the coal shipped will return unsold. What more does it take for Dexter to lose?

Unaware of the deception, Dexter sent a ship full of coal to Newcastle.

Dexter’s adversary laughed inwardly as he watched the ship depart; “Poor…. what a heavy loss he is going to face”.

Now it’s a game of luck.

On the day Dexter’s ship arrived in Newcastle, the coal companies there were shut down indefinitely due to a strike. There was no coal to be found anywhere. It was at this time that Dexter’s ship arrived. Merchants bought Dexter’s coal at a high price. Dexter made crores of rupees in this trade.

Timothy Dexter Game of Luck did not end there.

Still at the advice of his adversaries and hearing what people tell jokingly, he did many exports.

He exported stray cats to Caribbean islands and made a great profit as the people got a solution for rat infestation.

He exported Bibles to the East Indies and they were sold profitably as the missionaries were in need of the Bibles.

A few years later, at the age of 50, Dexter wrote a book and published it in 1802. The title of the book was “A Pickle for the Knowing Ones”. This book has one feature. It was a book without any punctuations. Lines run long without full stops or commas and capitalization. Full of typos, we can tell that Dexter didn’t even have an elementary education. He was a school drop out at the age of eight.

In any case, the book did well in sales. Eight editions of the book have been published.

Dexter’s opponents never got a chance to outwit him. It can be called a game of luck.


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